Spirit of the Jaguar – is out now!

       Will you be first to post a review of my novel?


My historical time-slip novel is now published and currently going through the distribution process. In spite of its critics, Amazon distribution is first-off-the-mark and currently displaying my title for sale in paperback and e-book Kindle formats. I would be delighted if you decide to buy and read this story. It is set during the legendary Fall of the Inca Empire in the 1500s and in 1930s Europe and South America. More details of the story are on the Amazon page for you to view or buy.

Here is the link:

http://amzn.to/2s4hqBc    (If the link fails to open copy and paste into your address bar.)

Spirit of the Jaguar is also available from all good book shops and online book stores ISBN 9781787193987

I don’t seek fame or fortune, but after 7 years researching and writing this amazing, historically true story,  it would be lovely to climb a little way up the sellers’ lists. You can help me in this by posting a review of the book on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook or any other online platform you use. This (I am told) is the 21st century way to recommend your thoughts to other people. If you do, a very big thank you from me.

As a bonus read and part of this first edition, I have included a separate folk-tale called The Legend of the Jaguar. This was written by me as a precursor to and catalyst for the main story.  It will be released as a separate Kindle book in the near future.

legend-bookcoverThose of you who live in the Medway Towns area of Kent are warmly invited to attend my launch party on Sunday 30th July between 2- 4pm at St. Mary’s Island Community Centre, Island Way West, St. Mary’s Island, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 3EP. Pop in and collect an author-signed copy of the book at the special launch price of £8.00  (Ample parking and direct bus routes.)

I look forward to speaking to you again, either in person, or on-line in the very near future.

Thank you for popping by and reading my blog.  Comments welcome.



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Spirit of the Jaguar


This book has been a long time in the making. I have, over the last few months, redrafted my plot with what I hope, is a story with huge appeal to lovers of time-shift fiction. My two historical settings and their characters are now woven together, and eventually combine with a dramatic double conclusion.

I am delighted with the result.  Now Spirit of the Jaguar has moved on to publication and will be released this summer in paperback and ebook formats.

The main story is set between 1924 and 1931. Christina Freeman is a Debutante and the daughter of an English Lord. The connection to her past-life character Tlalli, is first established when Christina receives a gift of an ancient piece of Peruvian gold; a pendant in the shape of a jaguar. Without giving the plot away, this pendant had once belonged to Tlalli. Circumstances eventually lead Christina to South America. She becomes obsessed with following the Spirit of the Jaguar hoping to unravel Tlalli’s story.


Machu Picchu – The Sacred City

This is set in the Inca Empire at the time of the Spanish Conquest. We follow Tlalli Marina, the daughter of one of the Empire’s many tribal leaders. The horror and impact of the Spanish invasion, on a country which was largely self-sufficient in a challenging landscape, is seen through the eyes of this young girl. The story follows her as she is spiritually motivated by ancient Jaguar gods. Tlalli eventually becomes a rebel leader, desperately trying to hold back the treacherous injustices being wrought on her country and her people.
There is a host of colourful characters and settings in both stories. Villains, mythical gods, tribal legends, ardent lovers, treacherous enemies and good friends. Some of my characters were real people, others created to fulfil a special role within their own time slot in this dual story set the sixteenth and twentieth centuries.


Graf Zeppelin Airship

If you know my previous work, you may be wondering if there is an airship in this story. Well I’m pleased to tell you there is. The Hindenburg’s predecessor, the Graf Zeppelin, made many successful voyages to South America between 1928 and 1937. I could not resist the opportunity to include this glorious mode of travel. Besides, how else would an affluent young lady have travelled across the Atlantic Ocean in 1930 arriving in less than three days?

I hope to give more details on purchase links to Spirit of the Jaguar when these are available.

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Dyslexia House Writing Competition

A great opportunity for local writers to get behind ‘Positive about Dyslexia’ writing competition.

Rochester Literature Festival

??????????Do you have a story to tell but find it hard to get it down on paper?  

If it’s a struggle, why not contact Dyslexia House for help?  They can help get your words into print. So get in touch right now for writing help!

Or do you prefer to express yourself with images rather than words?  Then don’t hesitate…get sketching, drawing and painting right now!

This is the first time that Dyslexia House Association has combined forces with Medway Libraries, Medway Mermaids and Nucleus Arts to encourage writing and artwork.

See website for full details and rules: www.medwaydys.org

You don’t even have to be dyslexic to join in.  You just need to live at an ME postcode.

Prizes for the best entries on the theme “Positive about Dyslexia” are four Kindle Fire devices for each of the following categories:

Adults over 16: 1 for writing & 1…

View original post 211 more words

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Bookshop signing – WH Smith Gillingham

With Kent author Susan Pope

Saturday 25th November

10.am  –  3.0pm

When I will be signing copies of my latest title

Spirit of the Jaguar 


Spirit of the Jaguar has 4 & 5 star reviews on Amazon and has great appeal to book lovers of all genres.  Check it out here:     http://amzn.to/2s4hqBc

With Christmas fast approaching Spirit of the Jaguar will make an excellent, inexpensive gift for anyone who enjoys an absorbing read.

Historical, Romance, Adventure, Mystery  –

it’s all in  the pages of this unusual story.

Ways to buy: 

Through Amazon :        http://amzn.to/2s4hqBc   in paperback or on Kindle

Direct from the author Susan Pope.  Still at the special launch price of £8

email:  spmedway@yahoo.com to secure your copy.

or Visit WH Smith, High Street, Gillingham

on 25th November between 10am and 3pm

Just pop by to say hello!





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The Legend of the Jaguar now FREE on Kindle until 1st August!

legend-bookcoverRead the folk tale which inspired the novel

Spirit of the Jaguar

FREE on Kindle for 5 days from 28th July

Get your FREE copy on this link:


You do not need a Kindle reader to read Kindle books
See Amazon pages for instructions on download to other devices.

Limited time offer until 1st August  

Get your FREE copy today:  http://amzn.to/2uebpmo



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Paws in Alaska

A story of the heroism of dogs by historical fiction author


FREE DOWNLOAD on Amazon Kindle – 5 DAYS ONLY!

from 20 to 24  June  ON THIS LINK     http://amzn.to/2rTX77F


ELLA – Arctic Search and Rescue Team Leader

When America joined the Second World War, the US Army Air Forces Arctic Search and Rescue Unit would parachute men and dogs into the Alaskan wilderness to rescue downed pilots.

PAWS IN ALASKA  – 1944 This is a fictional story of one such rescue mission.

PAWS IN ALASKA is available for you to download FREE from

AMAZON KINDLE for only 5 days from Tuesday 20th JUNE.

Get yours NOW!     http://amzn.to/2rTX77F

Did you know?  You do not need to own a Kindle reader to use Kindle books.

See Amazon pages for details.

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P.I.Y. – Publish It Yourself: Publicity, Marketing and Author Brand

Happy to reblog this great post from RochesterLitFest. Very informative for authors working on their own novels and non-fiction books.

Rochester Literature Festival

BookstoreFollowing an exceptionally informative workshop with her last year, the wonderful Truda Thurai very kindly sent us a link to an excellent interview as a follow up. The equally wonderful Christina gathered a few pearls of wisdom from it to help self publishing authors along the way.

Since the dawn of the Internet, Kindle, and e-books, self-publishing has become easier than ever. There are of course many ups and downs with self-publishing. You get more control, more royalties, and you know exactly what is happening with your book. But you also have to take more responsibilities and risks, and do a lot more work yourself.

For emerging writers who are seeking self-publication, the journey to publication can feel like swimming in the middle of the ocean with no idea how to get to the shores. In this interview, Joel Friedlander from thebookdesigner.com talks to Dana Kaye about self-publishing and…

View original post 1,201 more words

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Location, Location, Location 

Attention all writers – Location, Location, Location.

Thatched farmhouse New Forest

Thatched Farmhouse represents my hero’s childhood home, burnt to the ground as the story begins – Lighter Than Air

So you are writing a novel, or perhaps a short story. That’s great and I’m sure you have a well-thought out storyline and some convincing characters. But where is it set? In one place or do your characters inhabit various places: cities, countries, or travel by train, ship or in the air? how much thought have you attached to location or locations?



A Tornado flying over the Arabian Desert where Johnno’s hallucinations begin.

Lighter Than Air



If you read best-selling novels you will find authors using stunning locations, exotic or historical, near to home or far away. They use settings almost as additional characters that become part of their story, woven into the narrative and the heart of their plot. A good setting can enhance romance or create a sense of evil. It can be forbidding, challenging or just delightful. The world is your oyster, so choose well and make it part of your story.

Norwich River Walk

Idyllic river walk at Norwich. Setting for Johnno and Lisa’s first kiss. Lighter Than Air



In my first novel, Lighter Than Air, I tried to set every scene in a different, interesting location appropriate to the storyline. I wanted readers to absorb the atmosphere surrounding the characters as the plot unfolded.



I write in time-shift historical, so creating two stories, with different locations was challenging for me. Weaving the two plots together and balancing the various locations, was part of that challenge. Good settings don’t have to be over-descriptive or mask the action, but they should add that extra ingredient to the whole reading experience.  

rhine river cruise

Boat cruise on the Rhine River Germany overlooked by historic German Castles.  Part of Johnno’s and Lisa’s story in Lighter Than Air.

We can’t all go globe-trotting when writing our novels and stories, but good photographs can help an author to visually explore a setting they would like to use, or inspire them to use somewhere different that fits perfectly into their storyline. Give yourself permission not just to write about what you know – but to write about what you dream.


Hindenburg explodes over lakehurst

The Hindenburg’s final fated voyage to America. An intricate part of Johnno’s past-life story. Lighter Than Air. 

Every event or conversation in your story will convey so much more to your reader if they can visualise where it happens. As the author, you can bring out the realism in your story. Two people may argue, but if it happens on a clifftop, readers will be on tender-hooks to know who might push who over the edge!  If they argue on a busy train journey, who might remember hearing their angry words when a body is found on the line the following day? Strong locations give you scope to open up your storyline to endless possibilities and add richness to every page.





The old Airship sheds at Carrington, Bedfordshire. Scene of Johnno’s final showdown with his antagonist.



In my next post I will tell you about some of the locations I have used for my new novel

Spirit of the Jaguar, due out later in the Spring.

Good luck with your writing and let me know the locations you enjoy in the books you read or the stories you write.

Please comment back to me if you enjoyed this post.

If you haven’t read Lighter Than Air, it is currently available on Kindle at only £2.99. Paperback and Audio book versions also available.

http://amzn.to/2gBFROL   –   Your link to buy Lighter Than Air from Amazon books.


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