Green to Blogging

I’m dipping my tiny toe in the blog tank and hoping that someone out there may read what I write.

I only began to write in my early fifties but now have an historical novel and a book of short stories on sale. I love writing Historical fiction. The research really gets my imagination going. Currently I am researching the Spanish Conquest of Peru and how it impacted of the lives of the indigenous people. I have discovered that the repercussions of what happen in the early 1500’s are still affecting the lives of the Peruvian people, their culture and their futuresecuredownload. It makes fascinating reading and even more fascinating writing.

More soon.

About Susan Pope

Writer, poet and author. Leader of Women's Writing Group
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4 Responses to Green to Blogging

  1. Hi Sue, welcome to BLOGGING! 🙂



  2. that is quite an accomplishment! all the best for your future endeavours!


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