Thoughts on Peru

As I sit writing this blog post I can look out on my very English garden on a grey autumn day.  I am trying to imagine a very different landscape; the Vilcabamba region of Peru as it would have been 500 years ago. It’s probably changed very little except for the influx of tourists, and new roads carrying motor transport.

Back then the indigenous people would have walked or run, herding their llamas which carried the loads, before them. Nobles, like the royal Incas would have been carried by litter and as we know, they had no wheeled transport.  Horses and mules arrived with the Spanish, as did cattle, pigs and sheep. But a lot would happen after the Spanish invasion to change the Peruvian peoples’ lives forever. I am writing about this historical time in my new book and will share a little of my findings and my thoughts on this with you over the coming months.

About Susan Pope

Writer, poet and author. Leader of Women's Writing Group
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4 Responses to Thoughts on Peru

  1. Sue says:

    Sounds fascinating……look forward to reading more here.


  2. Hi Sue 🙂

    Sorry, I’m so behind! Yes, did get this to my inbox xx


  3. it will be an amazing story! all the best!


  4. spmedway says:

    Nearly done, Just on final edit before the final edit, then will the world love my story? No answer to that. Probably another candidate for FeedaRead self-publishing. Thank you for your comments on my (few) blogs. Promise more will follow.


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