Want to be in print?

It’s a bit of a cliché, but it is said everyone has at least one book in them. I believe this is true. Everyone has a story to tell but not everyone wants that story to be public. That’s why, as a writer and self-published author, I advocate the self-publishing website FeedaRead.com  Their self-publishing website is very easy to use and you can decide if you want to offer your book for sale in three ways.

1. Just for you, family, and close friends to purchase.

2. For members of the public to purchase your book from Feedaread’s own website.

3. Make your book available for general distribution on Amazon and through book wholesalers to bookshops. This option is the only one where a fee is required.

Otherwise, you don’t pay anything until your book is published, when you can then order copies at an author discount.  The quality of the books and covers are exceptional, better than many conventional published books on sale in shops.

You do have to do your own editing (or seek help with this) and you have to do your own marketing also. Although Feedaread offer a range of programmes to help you with this. If you are not concerned about becoming well-known or selling thousands of copies of your book,  and just want to see your story in print and hold the coveted tome in your hands, then go to www.feedaread.com and check out their website. My next few blogs will show you the books they have produced for me.

About Susan Pope

Writer, poet and author. Leader of Women's Writing Group
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