Indie authors have more control – Indie authors have more fun

Bedtime_coverThis is the cover of my first self-published book. Using’s superb website, I selected and edited my own collection of short-stories. There is no way I would have been invited to produce this anthology by a traditional publisher. I like to think the characters in these stories also tell the story of my writing journey. Some were written long before I knew all the rules of writing fiction. POV, character voice, show not tell, setting, pace, arc, etcetera, were not in my mind – just to tell a story.

Reading them with the wisdom of hindsight, I was pleased to find most of these ‘writer tools’ had occurred naturally. Certainly, at that time I didn’t feel as if I was spinning many plates as I wrote. I remember so clearly the excitment and joys writing these stories gave to me.

As I come to the third edit on my current historical fiction novel ‘Spirit of the Jaguar’, I am trying to recapture that feeling of joy that is essential to a writer. There is certainly little money to be made from fiction writing, unless you are part of the elite top 500 authors. So why do we do it? Because we love the process of inventing and producing fiction through words on the page. So how we present our work to the public, to buy, read or ignore, surely that  should be of our own choosing.

About Susan Pope

Writer, poet and author. Leader of Women's Writing Group
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4 Responses to Indie authors have more control – Indie authors have more fun

  1. You know Susan I fully agree with you, specially if your style is a bit different than the common styles, my poem/stories are intermingled with my own illustrations, so when i tried self publishing the first publisher i tried that ruined my poems and took money for that too!

    Then thank my stars and my friend Teagan that I discovered kindle, boy they showed how much fun self publishing can be!

    The self advertising part is horrible though 😦


  2. writing a historical novel is “one” tough job! blending of reality and fiction and keeping it interesting too.


  3. two english (ahem one french) novel instantly pop up in mind – les miserables and gone with the wind.

    we have a gem of an author (one of my favorites) who has given historical fictions a beauty beyond words- Bankimchandra Chatterjee, most of his novels are history based and boy are they beautiful or what!!!!


  4. Susan Pope says:

    Thank you for your comments Sharmishtha, I have always liked to write fiction around historical events or legends. My current role model is Kate Mosse. Have a look inside ‘Lighter Than Air’ on my Amazon page. My first novel, a time-slip story based on the Airship Hindenburg.
    Best wishes, Susan Pope
    ps. You have a beautiful name.


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