The Medway Mermaids have arrived.

There’s a new kid on the block – perhaps that should read – A new Blog on the rock. Medway Mermaids is a Writing Group for Women based in Medway, Kent, UK. The River Medway skirts the north boundary of the Medway Towns, weaving the towns and its history together.

Medway Mermaids was formed back in the 1990’s. Today the membership is made up of ordinary women from working class backgrounds. They write in various genres which reflect their own lives, interests and dreams. They welcome any woman who feels she has something to say and wants to put that down on paper. They support and nurture budding poets, novelists, short story writers, and those wanting to record memoir. They also have lots of fun in the process. I am very proud to be a member of this happy band.

They have just published their first Anthology of member’s work called ‘Mermaid Tails’ which contains 100 pieces of work and illustrations. The book is available to purchase from at £6.99:

Medway Mermaids own blog is:

About Susan Pope

Writer, poet and author. Leader of Women's Writing Group
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