The Treasure of Fathers (and Mothers)

My Father died in 1989 and my most vivid memory of him is from the 1950s. He had  just completed 22 years service in the Royal Marines and he spent some of his new found leisure time writing a crime novel. No PCs to make the process easy then. Every page was hand typed and when corrections were needed, all pahges were retyped with carbon copies. He tried to seek publication, but the new popular paper-back publishers were spoilt for choice, so Dad’s masterpiece was relegated to a bag in the back of his wardrobe. This bag came to me when his second wife died and I sorted out their former home.

Dad set his crime novel in the old Royal Marine Barracks at Chatham, called Chatham Grande. It closed its doors in 1950 just as Dad completed his service time, including throughout the Second World War.

In 2008 my own first novel was published and after that I self-published a book of short stories. It was a short step from that to deciding to edit and publish Dad’s novel. The self-publishing site is the ideal platform for this type of project. I was thrilled to add a wonderful archive photograph of the Royal Marine Band outside the gates of Chatham Grande to the cover. So Father’s Day is a good day to celebrate his belated success as a published novelist and his special writing genes, passed to me.

God Bless you Dad, and all Dads.

Book Cover Dad’s book Chatham Grande

If you would like to view or buy this book go to this link:

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