Murder at Chatham Grande

Regular follows of this blog may remember that in 2013 I edited and published a paperback version of a crime novel written by my father, Ron Taylor in the 1950s.

Link to paperback:Chatham Grande

 I’m pleased to tell you this unique story is now available on Amazon Kindle at only £2.40.

Link to Kindle version:

 As Ron Taylor came to the end of his 22 years’ service with the Royal Marine Corps, the barracks at Chatham Kent, known as Chatham Grande, was closed down. Dad knew the barracks and the service very well. He had experienced the Royal Marines’ devoted loyalty to the Corps and the Crown. Alongside this, he also witnessed a smouldering hatred that could exist between serving men, and within the ranks of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

This latter was his premise for the heinous crime of murder, taking place on the very day of the barracks’ closure. You can follow the difficult task set for the civilian police detectives, as they unravel the relationships of the various men and women, who remained on that final day. You can also witness the end of an era as the Medway Towns of 1950 felt the effects of losing another arm of their military history.

I’d like to draw your attention to the cover picture. This shows the Royal Marine Band of Chatham marching through the gates of the  Chatham Grande Barracks into Dock Road. Chatham circa 1910  Reproduced courtesy of Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre from the Couchman Collection.

Chatham Grande

This story is atmospheric and intriguing. If you enjoy crime fiction and military history you will love


Edited by Susan Pope


Link to Kindle version available on Amazon now £2.40 :

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