Do you do NaNo?

The writers’ community just keeps on growing. And is it any wonder? Just about every human being born, from 2 to 102, has a story to tell. But it has taken until the digital age for this volcano of human ability to explode and cause a tsunami stretching right around the world. I went to my first NaNo opening party yesterday. For the uninitiated this refers to NaNoWriMo which translates as National Novel Writing Month – a mad orgy of individuals spewing 50,000 words each into a novel of their own making – all within the 30 days of November. Then if you survive that, do the same again next year.
Back to the party. Well, it was in a pub, and we did drink, laugh, and chat. But there were no balloons, streamers, or party poppers; just the ding! of Vikki’s timer after every 20 minute ‘sprint’ of writing. Only word-count counts! And you don’t have to share your work with the group. There were about 18 writers and would-be writers all beavering away so I guess we could have all been typing/scribbling gibberish, just to reach the holy grail of 1666.6666(recurring) for the daily quota.
This party was for the Europe-England-Kent-region. And we were wonderfully inspired by Elizabeth Haynes: author of ‘Into The Darkest Corner and 3 other psychological thrillers + one due out in January. Elizabeth credits all her novels beginning life during NaNoWriMo since 2004. So we have a superb role-model and lots to aspire to. I raise a glass to all who are taking part in Kent, England, Europe- and the rest of the world.
A job well begun is half done – or so I have been told. Good Luck everyone.
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